Creating new things always gave me great pleasure and satisfaction!
That is why alongside with my friends we have established White Raven Factory - proffesional painting studio.

środa, 30 marca 2011

Space Wolf Marine - Auuuuu.. ;)

Another SM at the workshop. This time I decided to give Marine plasma cannon, it always look so cool.. and very, very respectful :)

Hope to make him look outstanding afterwards!! :)

Wraith Lord Project

This is one of my current works at the workshop. I want Him to be very special piece in my gallery, so it will take a few moments after You see Him standing Prominent and in Glory.. :)

sobota, 19 marca 2011

Another Wolverine

this is my lates work, a copy of previous Wolverine. I've painted him for a special commission.

Which one is better?
I guess this one..

niedziela, 20 lutego 2011

Hello there,
just as I promissed I want to show You my work for
"Sun Flowers of Van Gork" 2011 edition

"Wolverine - Space Wolf" - Long after Geneza :)

Do You see any resemblance? :)
Tell me what You think..

piątek, 18 lutego 2011

Sun Flowers of Van Gork :)

Dear All,

Sun Flowers of Van Gork are very close now..
Tomorrow I am going there with my studio mates.
This time I am taking only one model. I can promise though it will be quite unique Space Marine

Hope to see You there!!

I will publish photos after the competition

czwartek, 28 października 2010

Hussar 2010

I st Hussar edition is already behind us, looking forward for next one!

Here is Night Goblin, mini I won 1 st place in Speed Painting Competition, hope You gonna like it!


and Terminator Brother Noctics from Blood Angels Chapter, mini I went with to the latest Hussar Comeptition.

Pedro Kantor

Hello there,

I would like to start showing You my minis from something I have painted quite long time ago.
My friend Camel taught me many things on that model, inter alia how to paint damage, spalls and poshes